Last Words for 2020, & Jan 2021 newsletter

2020 was a rough year for every one. No auction made me sad, then we had several club member tragedies. I missed visiting family more, you seem to miss them more when they are not around.

On the plus side we have had some help from Dick putting out a few newsletters, this will be the 5th one this year (even though it’s for Jan 2021). The club (Doug) started doing zoom meetings, the last one was pretty good. It lasted about an hour and we had 12 or 13 members online for it. We have another one coming up Jan 2, you will know about it if you are a registered member and get our occasional emails.

Here is hoping for a much better year to come.

best wishes

David, webmaster and Zenith collector

New shop that will repair radios

Services Offered:

“Looking for a unique holiday gift this year for Mom or Dad? Why not restore that old tube radio that’s been sitting in your home but hasn’t played in years? Wouldn’t it be nice to listen to your favorite Holiday Carols on Grandpa’s old tube radio? Regal Sound Design, LLC takes great pride in repairing tube audio equipment including radios, amplifiers, preamps, integrated tube amps, tuners, receivers and more. We provide fast, reliable service-why not give us a call and bring tears of joy to someones eyes this holiday season. Call Ben Bensaid at (262)-581-5453 or visit our Trust me-we’re better than another tie or bottle of perfume.”

Ben Bensaid


Dave Perkins resigning as Club President

The whole club has not heard from me for a while. In my last email to everyone, among other things, I stated my intent to resign as club president “to simplify my life a bit”.

Since that time, my life became quite a bit more complicated by a personal tragedy. A handful of you will know what I’m referring to but it really serves no purpose to go into any detail about that here and now.

Suffice it to note that no one has stepped forward to assume the role of club president (this is not a huge surprise). And I am simply not willing to continue in this role.

So, effective IMMEDIATELY I’m going to cease responding to any correspondence about the club.

I suggest that those who may wish to inquire further about club activities to direct your communications to the remaining club officers using the contact page on this website (this is received by all club officers and technical staff).

Antique radios has been a fun and enjoyable hobby and I intend (eventually) to pursue my interest in vintage electronics in the realm of vintage audio gear. But for now it is my intent to effectively disappear.

In closing I wish all of you luck and many hours of enjoyment pursuing what is a great hobby that blends technical and world history into a fascinating collage.


Dave Perkins

March 2019 IARCHS Spring Meeting

Greetings – Welcome to 2019

I hope everyone had a peaceful & happy holiday season. As we all pursue our various winter season projects it’s time to look forward to our next meeting and the years’ activities. With that in mind, our next club business meeting / repair session is now set. Please put this on your calendar.

WHAT: IARCHS Spring meeting

WHEN: Saturday March 2 (alternate date March 9th see below) 10 AM – ???

WHERE: At the home of Keith Lowe 6407 Harbor Oaks Drive, Johnston Iowa

WHAT: Our. more or less, quarterly meeting to discuss club business and one of our on-going, hands on repair & learning sessions.

As has been my practice, I’ll keep the business part of our meeting as short as possible. I anticipate that the main topic of discussion will be regarding our upcoming auction on May 4th, however, as usual the meeting is open for anyone to bring up any item for discussion. After that we’ll roll into one of the ever popular, hands on repair & learning sessions so plan to bring your repair project(s) of interest or wherein you’d like someone else’s input. Keith is newly retired and, while he’s always provided a great set up for our meetings there, he tells me that one of his first priorities is a reorganization of his workshop. So please plan to attend to congratulate him on making it to ‘the golden years’ and to share in our common interests & hobby.

As always, lunch will be provided by the club.

ALTERNATIVE: In the unlikely event that there’s a late season storm making travel difficult, the alternate date for this meeting is March 9th. If there’s a question about it, please call Keith at 515-205-6188 (first) or me at 641-485-7919 (2nd).

Hope to see you all there.


Iowa Radio History Videos For Sale

I have some extra copies of these Iowa Antique Radio History tapes available. I would like to have $19.95 + $4 shipping and handling for any of them. email me if interested and I can send you a PayPal invoice for your specific choice if it is still available.

  1. Computer CD: Making Waves-The people and places of Iowa broadcasting (for Windows XP (should work in win 10) or Mac os 10.1.5, newer should work)
  2. VCR tape: The Way it was… A land of radio (produced by Jackson County Historical Society & IARCHS, our club)
  3. VCR Tape: Radio Collector, produced by the Perham foundation

Thanks, David  (click for my email address)

Frank Prince

Email address:

FOR SALE: Full set of Rider’s manuals for sale. Accepting offers.
For more info call Frank Prince 262-639-9307.
FOR SALE: Grandfather clock radio, serviced and working great. Radio can be viewed on YouTube here: If interested, make an offer. Call Frank Prince 262-639-9307.
FOR SALE: Orola wind-up phonograph. Located in Mount Pleasant, WI. The phonograph was made by General Mfg. Corp in Milwaukee, WI

IARCHS Club Meeting Jan 13 2018

Happy New Year everyone, I hope you’re all warm and comfortable in you winter workshops surrounded by projects (glowing tubes make nice little space heaters you know).

I want to remind you all of the club meeting / repair session we have coming up.

Here are the details:

When:  Saturday Jan 13th from 10 AM until whenever .

lunch will be provided   Please RSVP Rob at so we know how many plan on attending.

NOTE: The snow date, if needed, will be the following Saturday

Where: At the home of Rob Tracy  5100 Welker Ave. Des Moines

What: A brief business meeting followed by a hands-on repair session for those wishing to work on / learn radio restoration skills or wanting another set of eyes to look at a tricky restoration project.

Bring your projects and plan to share some time with fellow antique radio enthusiasts.  I hope to see you all there .

Dave Perkins, Club President