March 2019 IARCHS Spring Meeting

Greetings – Welcome to 2019

I hope everyone had a peaceful & happy holiday season. As we all pursue our various winter season projects it’s time to look forward to our next meeting and the years’ activities. With that in mind, our next club business meeting / repair session is now set. Please put this on your calendar.

WHAT: IARCHS Spring meeting

WHEN: Saturday March 2 (alternate date March 9th see below) 10 AM – ???

WHERE: At the home of Keith Lowe 6407 Harbor Oaks Drive, Johnston Iowa

WHAT: Our. more or less, quarterly meeting to discuss club business and one of our on-going, hands on repair & learning sessions.

As has been my practice, I’ll keep the business part of our meeting as short as possible. I anticipate that the main topic of discussion will be regarding our upcoming auction on May 4th, however, as usual the meeting is open for anyone to bring up any item for discussion. After that we’ll roll into one of the ever popular, hands on repair & learning sessions so plan to bring your repair project(s) of interest or wherein you’d like someone else’s input. Keith is newly retired and, while he’s always provided a great set up for our meetings there, he tells me that one of his first priorities is a reorganization of his workshop. So please plan to attend to congratulate him on making it to ‘the golden years’ and to share in our common interests & hobby.

As always, lunch will be provided by the club.

ALTERNATIVE: In the unlikely event that there’s a late season storm making travel difficult, the alternate date for this meeting is March 9th. If there’s a question about it, please call Keith at 515-205-6188 (first) or me at 641-485-7919 (2nd).

Hope to see you all there.


Iowa Radio History Videos For Sale

I have some extra copies of these Iowa Antique Radio History tapes available. I would like to have $19.95 + $4 shipping and handling for any of them. email me if interested and I can send you a PayPal invoice for your specific choice if it is still available.

  1. Computer CD: Making Waves-The people and places of Iowa broadcasting (for Windows XP (should work in win 10) or Mac os 10.1.5, newer should work)
  2. VCR tape: The Way it was… A land of radio (produced by Jackson County Historical Society & IARCHS, our club)
  3. VCR Tape: Radio Collector, produced by the Perham foundation

Thanks, David  (click for my email address)

Frank Prince

Email address:

FOR SALE: Full set of Rider’s manuals for sale. Accepting offers.
For more info call Frank Prince 262-639-9307.
FOR SALE: Grandfather clock radio, serviced and working great. Radio can be viewed on YouTube here: If interested, make an offer. Call Frank Prince 262-639-9307.
FOR SALE: Orola wind-up phonograph. Located in Mount Pleasant, WI. The phonograph was made by General Mfg. Corp in Milwaukee, WI

from Dave Perkins

First a request, for a restoration I’m working on, I need a 5″ (round) speaker that has field coil / power supply choke with a DC resistance in the 1500 – 1800 ohm range. If you have one to spare please bring it to the meeting or contact me at I’ll gladly pay for it or (even better) let’s barter. If you need something (yeah, I know we could ALL use a winning PowerBall ticket – sorry) ask ME! I just might have it and we can work out a deal.

IARCHS Club Meeting Jan 13 2018

Happy New Year everyone, I hope you’re all warm and comfortable in you winter workshops surrounded by projects (glowing tubes make nice little space heaters you know).

I want to remind you all of the club meeting / repair session we have coming up.

Here are the details:

When:  Saturday Jan 13th from 10 AM until whenever .

lunch will be provided   Please RSVP Rob at and copy me at so we know how many plan on attending.

NOTE: The snow date, if needed, will be the following Saturday

Where: At the home of Rob Tracy  5100 Welker Ave. Des Moines

What: A brief business meeting followed by a hands-on repair session for those wishing to work on / learn radio restoration skills or wanting another set of eyes to look at a tricky restoration project.

Bring your projects and plan to share some time with fellow antique radio enthusiasts.  I hope to see you all there .

Dave Perkins, Club President now a SECURE website, a Secure Website, a Secure Website

We have just completed the purchase and installation of an SSL certificate for the Club website. This ensures that we are providing a safe and secure web experience for all visitors. You can now see a green padlock on the address bar showing you that we are the real IARCHS website and not something else.

On another note, we are still looking for more pictures of Iowa made radios to add to our encyclopedia.  If you have some we would love to add them to the site, use our contact page to let us know what you have, and we will give you instructions as to where to send them.  As always, have a great radio day.

IARCHS 2017 Auction Success

2017 IARCHS Radio Auction Cedar RapidsWe had another great auction this year with over 550 individual lots sold. The weather might have been dreary outside, but as this auction was inside the nice building at the west side of Hawkeye downs it was nice and cozy.  If you were there, see you again next year, if you weren’t, hope to see you next year. Great fun for all and just watching the Amazing Wears auction team in play is a show in its self.

DON’T FORGET BECOME AN IARCHS MEMBER! STILL FREE, just click on the Join IARCHS (free) menu selection. It’s located on every page.

Don’t FORGET, AUCTION April 29!!!

A Reminder, sort out those radios that need a new home. Free up that display cabinet for some new acquisitions.  Send those pictures in for advance advertising to get the best price for your best radios (advanced advertising ends on April 24th). As of today, the auction is 5 days away. If you are traveling from a distance, get those hotel reservations now.  Hope to see you and your radios there.

the IARCHS folks.

Happy 2017 From the IARCHS President

Greetings and welcome to both a new year and a new era for your club. (Current president Dave Perkins)

Presumably if you’re reading this you’re aware that we’ve now transitioned to doing more, including the newsletter, via our improved web site (kudos and thanks to David Fitkin for all of the work done on it). Doug, our long time newsletter editor (many thanks to him for doing that time consuming job too) has been posting notices of the change in the last few newsletters, but I’ve still had some indications that, for whatever reason, a few members do not realize that they no long will get either a direct email or, for those very few still getting one, a mailed hard copy of the newsletter. If you happen to hear from or know of a member that feels he or she has been dropped by the club, please direct them to the website.

2016 was a year that was much discussed for many reasons, For me, even though I’m now retired (and happy be be able to say so), it was a year filled with a lot of work on things other than our mutual hobby. I spent much of it through the fall (and way more money than I like to dwell on) working on my home and property with the objective of freeing up more time to pursue my hobbies. After dealing with some minor health issues and making my way through the holidays, I’m happy to report that a project I set aside a couple years ago, a 1955 Harmon-Kardon D1100 has made it’s way back to the front of my electronics work bench. I have aspirations of making this part of an all analog, 1955 Harmon-Kardon D1100hopefully all vacuum tube, audio system. But first I’ve got to get to the bottom of a problem with the FM section. As of this writing everything else works fine, AM & phono input (to be tied to a 78 RPM Zenith Cobra changer in my ‘new’ system), and line input all work fine. but the FM is as quiet as a morgue ….. I’ve exhausted the options I have troubleshooting it with a meter, ‘scope and regular RF signal generator (AM modulation only) that I have. I can tell that the FM local oscillator is tracking, but there I got stopped ……….. darn it! I need an FM signal generator – something I’ve never added to my test bench since 99% of the radios in my collection are AM / Shortwave only. Being a long time hobbyist of many interests (radios, general vintage electronics and cars, plus occasionally trying to avoid drowning while Scuba diving) I invoked one of the universal rules of hobbyists the world over: Never pass up a ‘good’ opportunity to buy a new tool. ……. So as soon as my new FM signal generator gets here, I’ll get back to it and hopefully be able to report back to you all next time.

In the meantime, it’s not too early to begin thinking about our next auction. Here again, we’re ‘thinking different’ this year and are shifting out advertising focus from print media (that, according to the informal poll I took at last year’s auction, isn’t working too well) to on-line promotion including on the various Facebook pages dedicated or related to antique radios. This is another way in which you all can help. If ever and how ever you engage in discussion of your antique radio hobby on line, please put the word and and be sure to mention that, unlike the past several years, the auction will be the last Saturday in April rather than the in early May due to a schedule conflict our auctioneer has.

Thanks to all for your continued participation, keep up the good work and please make use of the expanded capabilities of the club website.

’till next time

Dave Perkins