New shop that will repair radios

Services Offered:

“Looking for a unique holiday gift this year for Mom or Dad? Why not restore that old tube radio that’s been sitting in your home but hasn’t played in years? Wouldn’t it be nice to listen to your favorite Holiday Carols on Grandpa’s old tube radio? Regal Sound Design, LLC takes great pride in repairing tube audio equipment including radios, amplifiers, preamps, integrated tube amps, tuners, receivers and more. We provide fast, reliable service-why not give us a call and bring tears of joy to someones eyes this holiday season. Call Ben Bensaid at (262)-581-5453 or visit our Trust me-we’re better than another tie or bottle of perfume.”

Ben Bensaid


Dave Perkins resigning as Club President

The whole club has not heard from me for a while. In my last email to everyone, among other things, I stated my intent to resign as club president “to simplify my life a bit”.

Since that time, my life became quite a bit more complicated by a personal tragedy. A handful of you will know what I’m referring to but it really serves no purpose to go into any detail about that here and now.

Suffice it to note that no one has stepped forward to assume the role of club president (this is not a huge surprise). And I am simply not willing to continue in this role.

So, effective IMMEDIATELY I’m going to cease responding to any correspondence about the club.

I suggest that those who may wish to inquire further about club activities to direct your communications to the remaining club officers using the contact page on this website (this is received by all club officers and technical staff).

Antique radios has been a fun and enjoyable hobby and I intend (eventually) to pursue my interest in vintage electronics in the realm of vintage audio gear. But for now it is my intent to effectively disappear.

In closing I wish all of you luck and many hours of enjoyment pursuing what is a great hobby that blends technical and world history into a fascinating collage.


Dave Perkins