IARCHS: 2019 Antique Radio Auction Pictures

This gallery includes auction setup pictures taken the evening before that auction. These Are pictures from my (the webmaster) phone, This was a crazy last minute everything changed plus too much stuff auction. It was amazing that we got any pictures from it.

With 3 days till auction setup to go, our auctioneer, when moving his auction hay racks to the Hawkeye Downs location in Cedar Rapids. Discovered that the Hawkeye Downs management had changed the locks to the auction building. During the follow-up to the facility lock-down, it was discovered that new management at Hawkeye Downs had decided to disregard our facilities use contract. Oh, we were told they notified us by sending a message to the previous secretary’s personal email account, so we should have known that, right?

A new location was found at the Iowa City fairground fortunately, since we had zero notice. The other building that we were locked out of had been reserved almost a year in advance. We had 5 days to let everyone know of the changed location. We put up a sign at the original location, but it disappeared shortly after we put it up. It was amazing we had almost the same turnout as we had the previous year.

Back to the new location, we had a large estate coming, so we started setting up on Wednesday instead of the usual Thursday. That estate arrived in a huge Riders Truck, and contained everything but floor sweepings. Apparently, our auction was an opportunity to totally empty out a large portion of our late Treasurers Shop area, attic, storage rooms, and garage. Once that truck was finally emptied, several of us were about ready to give up auctions for life. Then more stuff arrived, so much so we had to finally turn the last radio loads away.

Auction lots sold so fast that if you blinked at the wrong time you would miss what you were waiting to bid on. I know that because I did miss a couple while standing right beside them ready to bid. I had even drew up an item location map to help me keep track of stuff.

I ended up filling my repurposed ambulance truck so full that I jacked it up on blocks when I got home to keep from damaging the springs. There was so much really nice stuff that I knew I couldn’t get into my truck that I had to just say no… Even went back the next day and rescued some stuff that had been put in the dumpster. It was certainly an antique radio auction to remember, and at least I have these pictures to help me do that. These were taken Friday evening after all the setup was completed.

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