Antique Radio Auction FAQ

May 2024 IARCHS Antique Radio Auction details:

Location: Lawrence Community Center on 600 East Main Street, Anamosa, Iowa

Date: May  4, 2024 (consignment drop off dates May 2 & 3 between 9AM & 4PM)

Auction Content:

      • Antique Radios, Microphones, Headphones and the like
      • Vintage Audio (1970s Receivers,  Speakers etc.)
      • Antique Computers (early computers from ’70s, ’80s, & maybe ’90s)

Questions? Use our contact us page to get answers.

Auction FAQ/Guidelines:

      • A buyer premium of 8% will be collected on each item sold. The buyer premium will be returned to IARCHS.
      • A service charge fee will be added to payments made using a credit card.
      • Consignors with over 25 items should contact us by April 20
      • All consignors may place a limited number of items in the select auction
      • Professional auctioneer: Ed Shover Auctions of Anamosa, Iowa
      • Seller fee 15% (to Auctioneer), Buyer Fee 8% (to IARCHS to cover auction expenses such as building rental and advertising)
      • Consignors are generally paid within a few weeks by a mailed check from the auctioneer.
      • Consignments items will not be accepted on Saturday without prior approval by IARCHS.
      • IARCHS reserves the right to limit the number of items from an individual consignor.
      • IARCHS may sort your items for individual or box sale based on condition or estimated value.
      • Two “reserve” items are permitted per consignor. If the high bid does not reach the reserve, the consignor may accept a lower bid, or a “no sale” is declared.
      • The minimum opening bid is $5.00. Items not meeting that threshold may be grouped together with other items from the same consignor or deemed a “no sale”.
      • Console radios, record players and TVs have not sold well unless collectible.
      • Support IARCHS by donating items to the club donation table!
      • All auction items must be removed after the auction is over on the day of sale. Removal of unsold items is the responsibility of the consignor.
      • JimBob’s Backyard BBQ will provide a lunch menu of great food like they did last year.

Auction Consigner Terms

This document serves as a confirmation of the agreement between the Iowa Antique Radio Club and Historical Society (IARCHS) and Ed Shover Auctions.

Consignors: Please send photos of your collectable radios or equipment before April 15 to take advantage of FREE pre auction advertising via the club website. Photos draw buyers! Please check the guidelines for photo submission.

IARCHS agrees to retain Ed Shover Auctions for their annual antique radio auction to be held on Saturday May 4th 2024 at the Lawrence Community Center in Anamosa IA, starting at 9:00 am with the following terms.

      • Seller commission rate at 15%
      • Up to 2 reserve items will be allowed per seller.
      • The auction staff will be selecting the items for the 11:30 ‘Select’ Auction segment.
      • Seller is responsible for removing all of their items that do not sell by end of day May 4.

Auction Preview Pictures formatting Guidelines

Preview pictures help bring more bidders to our auction because they know what will be there for them to bid on. If your item is unusual or rare, not just old, a preview picture would be useful to gain more bidders. If you have 25 things to consign, maybe 5 or 6 of them are worth doing pictures for. Don’t feel that you have to provide pictures for everything you are bringing.

We are providing a free service to put your advance photos on the website. Because we are utilizing volunteers to do this, we would like pictures to be ready to use when we get them. Website picture cutoff date is April 15 2024, two weeks before  the auction date. That help from you would ensure that our volunteers have enough time to add them all.

Picture size:  maximum 2000 by 2000 pixels JPG format please.

Naming conventions:

      • Name your picture image using a short description with the words separated with dashes ‘-‘. The name is important as it is searchable through internet search engines.
      • Examples:
  • Red-zenith-r511v-table-radio.jpg
  • 1976-Altair-8800-Computer-2048-bytes-memory.jpg
  • Polk-Audio-Speaker-set-in-original-boxes.jpg