2018 Antique Radio Auction

The Iowa Antique Radio Club and Historical Society (IARCHS) is sponsoring an antique radio and related items auction Saturday April 28th, 2018 in the auction arena building located at the west side of Hawkeye Downs in Cedar Rapids Iowa. The address is 4400 6th Street. If there are significant ‘Hayrack’ items (parts radios, parts, etc…) consigned, that the auction of hayrack items will begin at 9:00am. The auctions in past years have been successful, and good sale prices have been realized on items with higher collector value. The auction will be conducted by Brent Wears, CAI, AARE, CES, and Licensed Broker of Wears Auctioneering, Inc.


Q: I have a couple radios and a few parts that I want to sell. Is it worth my time?

A: It really depends on what you have. Contact Craig Huseboe or Dave Perkins and we can try to help you. Generally from what we have seen in the past, large console radios, record players, and televisions don’t sell very well unless they are a more collectible type. This is particularly true of units in poor condition, or containing wasp or mouse nests! Some of these types in past years only brought $1.00, or had to be combined to sell for a couple of dollars. With the $5 opening bid, these may be no-sale items. Again, it depends on what the item is. If you just have a few low dollar items and really just want to just get rid of them, consider a club donation. We may be able to work out an arrangement to pick up the items at check-in time.

Q: What’s with the $1.00 minimum commission / $5.00 minimum opening bid?

A: While we all like bargains, and radio collectors need parts sets and small items, it isn’t profitable for the auctioneer to auction $1.00 items. There are expenses associated with bookkeeping, paying staff, writing and mailing checks, etc… This is a minimum cost to defray those expenses and to minimize the items that are not as desirable. This is implemented as a minimum opening bid of $5.00 (based on the usual commission of 20%). The commission structure is lower for our club, but the minimum bid is retained to simplify. The auctioneer has agreed to waive the minimum opening bid on the ‘hayrack’ items. Sellers with these types of items are encouraged to bundle items together to facilitate bidding and speed up the auction.

Q: What’s with the 7% buyer premium?

A: The buyer premium charged goes directly to IARCHS so that we can help offset our costs of advertising. We send out postcards and advertise in various publications to help promote the auction and rent the auction arena at Hawkeye Downs. IARCHS is a non-profit club.

Q: Can a reserve be placed on an item?

A: No, This is a no reserve auction. The sale is to the highest bidder.

Q: When will I get paid for my items that were sold?

A: Wears auctioneering will mail you a check for your proceeds – usually within 4 weeks of the sale. A detailed listing will accompany the check.

Q: Why can’t I drop off my items before the check-in dates?

A: We don’t have any storage capability for auction items. Wears auctioneering does not have any storage capability. Hawkeye Downs is rented only for the days listed. Therefore that’s the only time we can store the items there. The building is locked after hours.

Q: I can’t get there on Thursday or Friday. Can I check-in on Saturday?

A: No – except for extremely unusual circumstances and prior arrangement. We provided Saturday morning check-in in the past, but this has proven to cause problems as we are very busy with last minute details and double checking auction item tags. We have decided to eliminate that option in hopes that the auction will proceed more smoothly.


IARCHS: http://www.iowa-antique-radio-club.com

Wears Auctioneering: http://www.wearsauctioneering.com